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Competitors’ Field Research:

  • We often travel abroad and attend food shows and, on those occasions, we’re conducting field research on specialty food products and local cuisine. Some reports are available on our website, for a minimal fee, and we can also conduct ad hoc customized research on your product category.
  • Here is what one of our customers, ÉPICEA had to say about our recent Norway report: “A must-have that gives a ton of ideas to develop new Nordic products. Simply North's report allowed us to draw inspiration from Norwegian trends to initiate our thinking about new product creation. The quality of the report is remarkable and goes very well with EPICÉA's philosophy of the perpetual quest to innovate and distinguish itself. Many thanks and congratulations to Simply North.”
    See more details about our Norway report here.
  • Countries where we travel include US, Canada, France, Switzerland, Iceland and Scandinavian countries.
  • Food shows we attend include the SIAL Food Shows (Montreal, Paris) and the Fancy Food Show, US.
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Your Foodie Product in our Shop or in New England Retail Stores

    • If you sell a specialty food product or ingredients in the following categories, we’d love to hear from you. As you can see, Simply North is all about boreal food, ingredients from the forest, products from the northern regions of Canada and Scandinavia. That includes – but is not limited to – berries, mushrooms, wild edibles, North Atlantic seafood, etc.
    • We have our own online shop
    • We can also help you get distributed throughout New England.
  • Importantly, not only we will offer your product for sale, but we will promote it through interesting interviews, articles and recipes.
  • If you are not currently exporting to the US, we can help you with the administrative and legal export process.
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Food Labeling – FDA and Health Canada Compliant Packaging

We have already helped several companies with their Canada-compliant bilingual labels.
    • In the past 3 years, we have developed and designed both FDA-compliant labels and bilingual Health Canada compliant labels.
    • We are fully bilingual English-French.
    • We are a food producer ourselves, registered with the FDA, and selling specialty food in a number of US states.
    • We understand the differences between the label requirements for the US and the Canadian market, including the recent design changes of nutritional facts tables in both countries.
  • We work with experts when your labeling project requires additional resources (labeling lawyers, nutritional analysis labs, professional translators, customer research, etc.).
  • We’ve also designed and printed a number of innovative packages, such as stamped linen bags, gift trio boxes and more.
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Other Services

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about developing, marketing or distributing your specialty food product. We have been members of several networks and food organizations and can help you find identify the right resources for your needs (distribution, public relations, co-packing, product development, recipe development, market entry strategy, etc.): We have also completed 2 Harvard classes on Food & Science, and obtained the ServSafe Food Safety Certification.