An Exploration of Northern
Boreal Regions, the Food,
the Wild Ingredients
& the Cuisine

Are you looking to explore unique ingredients and cuisine from boreal terroirs?
Are you a foodie interested in expanding your horizons and looking to the north for intriguing dishes made with local ingredients?

If you are, I’d love to welcome you to Simply North, a source of exploration and inspiration for unique, wild and healthy ingredients such as wild Nordic berries, wild mushrooms, edible balsam fir, boreal spices and herbs, of course wild salmon, and much more. The sub-arctic climate of northern Quebec, other regions of Canada, and Scandinavian countries creates some unique conditions for the growth of such ingredients high in polyphenols and antioxidants, such as haskap and sea buckthorn berries. And chefs whether they are from Quebec City or Copenhagen are now celebrating the fruits of their unique local terroirs.

I am on a quest of exploring these regions, their cuisine, and sharing it with food lovers like you.

My own journey started a while ago. As a little girl, I loved to go to the Maison du Danemark, on the Champs Élysées for some smoked salmon. In Stockholm, I enjoyed gravlax with potato pancakes and cream. In Quebec, I discovered the unique taste of mustard flavored with balsam fir, the tart flavor of sea buckthorn berry mousse served with duck pate, and delightful wild mushrooms patiently collected and dried by experienced foragers.

In 2018, I researched ingredients and products from North-American and Scandinavian boreal regions.

In January 2018, I was in Tromsø, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and in Oslo to explore Norwegian cuisine.