Our 10 Favorites at the Montreal SIAL Food Show 2018

Iceland Finest at SIAL Montreal

Last week, I attended the SIAL Food Show in Montreal looking for interesting and innovative products for our online store and for you, dear foodie readers.

As you know now, we love all things boreal, nordic and wild, such as wild berries and mushrooms, delicious smoked fish and lots of other delicious things that come from the north.

Here are our 10 “favorites” at the show. You can find all these products on the shelves of your fine food stores or supermarkets in Canada, and in some cases in the United States.

Wild & Fancy Mushrooms

  1. One of our top “favorites” definitely goes to some of “Ducs de Montrichard“’s products. They have a whole line of duck products, including a delicious “crème brûlée foie gras”. We also enjoyed their maple & oyster mushroom jelly, which they served as a foie gras accompaniment: a perfect pairing of flavors! You would think that the maple would dominate the mushroom, but actually the nice earthy flavor of mushroom was very present. Also to be discovered: their caramelized onions with maple & port. http://ducsdemontrichard.com/
  2. We also liked the dried mushroom mill, sold by the French company Sabarot, which received a SIAL Innovation Award (Paris 2016) for this innovative product. For spices, we all know that, to get the best flavors, it’s better to grind them just before use. So why not do the same for dried mushrooms? It really sounds like a great idea and a great way to add this nice mushroom flavor to your next pasta dish! The mushroom mill is offered for three types of mushrooms: porcinis, morels and a forest selection (mix). They also offer a range of dried mushrooms in sachets and jars, as well as canned mushrooms.

Wild Berries – Wild Blueberries, Sea Buckthorn, Cranberries

Would you like to incorporate wild berries into your diet because you know of their health benefits?

  1. The Iron Berry Company from Newfoundland has a line of wild blueberry, sea buckthorn and cranberry powders, which you can incorporate into juices, smoothies, sherbets, popsicles, etc. They also offer blends of berry powders with chia seeds. Interesting.
  2. You probably know the company Patience Fruit & Co. They offer organic dried fruits and powders. We loved their wild blueberry, cranberry and sour cherry blend. From the health point of view, this blend of berries contains 140 mg of polyphenols per 40 g serving and, of course, polyphenols are known for their antioxidant properties and naturally present in cranberries, blueberries and cherries. We definitely want to learn how to use their powders (in sorbets for example!)
  3. The company Van Dyk’s from Nova Scotia offers wild blueberries and delicious wild blueberry juice. Less innovative but delicious.

Cereals and grains

  1. Do you know camelina? We did not know this grain. It is an old cereal, rediscovered about ten years ago, which contains omegas 3, 6 and 9. We must say that the camelina seed contains less omega than the chia or flax seeds. However the seeds had an interesting taste and their blonde color is nicer in salads than black chia seeds. We were particularly seduced by the camelina oil, from Oliméga. It had a very nice nutty taste!
  2. The company Orijin, also promotes the omega content in its hemp products (grains, oil and flour). I am not personally a hemp fan, for very personal reasons, but it is clear that people are talking about its use in food more and more.


  1. If you like smoked fish, you have to try smoked sturgeon. Acadian Sturgeon from New Brunswick offers a variety of products, including thin-sliced smoked sturgeon, and a delicious smoked sturgeon pâté. In Montreal, you can buy it at “La Mer” fish store.
  2. If you live in Quebec province, you certainly know the Quebec company Grizzly, with its highly recognizable logo of a bear with a salmon in its mouth. Their line of Atlantic salmon and trout products, smoked or tartar, is vast and delicious (find them in the frozen section of your grocery store). I particularly liked their two-salmon tartare which even includes the seasoning. It’s the perfect appetizer for your next party, which can be simply served on small toasts. You can find their products in Canada and in the New York area.
  3. Seafood from Iceland? Something to take you to the Arctic world in an instant? “Iceland’s Finest” company offers cod products … and caviar, including fish with crackers! Sounds like the perfect Christmas present for your friends who love Scandinavia. To be discovered. We plan to offer them in our online store very soon.

And what about you: do you know any of these products? Which ones do you like? Which one intrigued you? We are looking forward to reading your comments below!

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