Surfing in Iceland – “Under an Arctic Sky”

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you MUST watch this documentary “Under the Arctic Sky” (40 min)! You don’t have to love surfing to simply love it! This group of crazy surfers is traveling the world to find the best waves to surf. So here they are, in Iceland, in the middle of winter! The photography is amazing: the arctic night, the white hills along the coast, with the lights of little villages, the dark skies with stars and naturally the northern lights… aurora borealis. Along the way, you’ll share their excitement when they find the right wave, put on their diving suit, walk in the snow and jump in the cold and dark waters… Then life gets suddenly intense when at the edge of what is possible and safe, they get caught in a blizzard and spend 3 days in a small log cabin waiting for better weather. Be sure to watch the documentary to the end. The last few minutes are simply breathtaking.
I won’t tell you more. It’s there for you to discover…

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