A Day in Minneapolis for the Foodie who Loves Scandinavia

Did you know that 16.5% of Norwegian Americans live in Minnesota, particularly in Minneapolis? And that many Swedish Americans have also settled in Minnesota?

For that reason, if you find yourself in Minneapolis, you can truly immerse yourself in a true Scandinavian food experience. Check out some of the nice Norwegian and Swedish restaurants foodies are talking about.

Here is my disclaimer though. I have never been to Minneapolis (even though with such a reputation, I’d love to go!). I simply found a recent article in a Delta Airlines magazine and did some additional online research, to bring you some ideas.

Where to stay

The place to stay for a Nordic experience is the Hewing Hotel (according to the Delta article). Its restaurant, the Tullibee, serves modern Nordic cuisine. Using local ingredients, the cuisine is said to be inspired by the bounty of Minnesota’s lakes & woods, solidly rooted in Scandinavian traditions and influenced by foraging and other Nordic rural techniques. It does sound like fun!

Where to have breakfast

Start your day with breakfast at Sun Street Breads, a sunny cafe owned by a Norwegian, Solveig Tofte. Some of her pastries reflect her Scandinavian heritage.

What to see

For some art and culture, the American Swedish Institute and the Norway House are on everyone’s list, when it comes to “things to do in Minneapolis“. Located in a building of Swedish minimalist design, the American Swedish Institute is a vibrant museum that celebrates Nordic arts and culture. You can also enjoy some exhibits at the Norway House, whose mission is to connect the US with Norway through art, business, and culture. The gingerbread house competition and exhibit which took place over the Holidays seemed pretty exceptional!

Where to have lunch

The American Swedish Institute is also the choice for lunch. Meatballs, gravlax and lingonberry rice pudding served at its cafe, Fika, have a great reputation! (Fika is a traditional daily break in Sweden.)

Where to have dinner

At the day progresses, you could leisurely go back to the Hewing Hotel and have dinner at the  Tullibee restaurant we mentioned earlier. Or you can choose to go to the Bachelor Farmer, a popular Scandinavian-inspired restaurant that – according to the New York Times – “has given Scandinavian food a much-needed adrenaline shot.” Note that the New York Times’ article also mentions the Haute Dish restaurant, but this one is now permanently closed.

Where to end the evening

Last but not least, there is no better way to end the evening than to gather with some friends over a drink. For that, Norseman Cocktail Room is the place to be. It offers a variety of drinks, cocktails and liqueurs and some fun food. In particular they sell an aquavit, “built on a botanical profile of true Swedish design.”

I can only imagine how much fun such a day would be! If you happen to be in Minneapolis and go to some of these places, please share your experience with us below. We would love to hear from you!

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